Why is it important to have your Air Conditioning serviced regularly?

Our top four reasons why you should have your Air conditioning // Refrigeration plant regularly serviced

If you have Air Conditioning in your home it is important to have your air conditioning serviced every 12 months. For Commercial property a service is recommended every 6 months. Powell Cooling Services Ltd offer service plans contact us to enquire.

  • It helps to improve your systems efficiency to cool you down on hot days and heat you up on cold days.
  • Filters are cleaned to help keep your air clean.
  • Helps to avoid costly repairs
  • Air Conditioning Systems // Refrigeration plant machinery require annual Fgas leak checks, within a year around 10% of the gas is lost and this in turn compromises the system, this is checked and re-filled.
  • Any faults in your air conditioning system will be rectified.
  • The life of your Air Conditioning system will be extended by having regular services.

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